Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority
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Pomona At-Grade Crossing Safety Improvement Project
(City of Pomona)

Fact Sheet

Image of the type of pedestrian gates proposed for installation at Pomona rail crossings.

Project Description

To improve safety at at-grade crossings in the City of Pomona, pedestrian crossing gates would be installed as well as fencing along a portion of railroad right-ofway to channel pedestrians to gates. Improvements at the crossings at Hamilton Boulevard, Park Avenue, Main Street, Palomares Street and San Antonio Avenue would include improved sidewalks leading to the pedestrian gates and other required street improvements as well as upgraded warning signals and signage.

Project Status

ACE selected a firm in February 2015 to design the proposed at-grade crossing safety improvements. Project cost is estimated at $22.9 million.

Project Impacts

The project will improve pedestrian safety at the four crossings which are traversed by 81 trains per day, projected to increase to 141 trains per day by 2025. The Federal Railroad Administration has recorded seven collisions between trains and vehicles or pedestrians resulting in six fatalities at the four crossings over the past 10 years.